With the outbreak of COVID-19, we are all facing entirely new challenges. Countries across the world are affected – hitting the poor particularly hard. Cases of Corona have been reported in Kenya, too. Schools are closed, the country’s already ailing health care system is struggling, economic stagnation is imminent.

The situation confronts us as an organisation with a new, difficult situation both in Germany and Kenya. On the one hand we are seeing a decrease in donations due to cancelled fundraising events, on the other hand demand for support of children and families in Kenya that are particularly affected by the current crisis is growing.

Since schools have been closed, Father Tito, the head of our partner organisation YISOG in South Kenya, is currently providing a home for more than 25 children. Most of these children usually attend boarding schools in the area. The YISOG team, Father Tito’s family and the children currently in his custody are doing the best they can to live a normal daily life under the circumstances and are healthy. Moreover, a growing number of local families in need are turning to YISOG for help, as the already few ways to make a livelihood are vanishing.

We continue to stay in close contact with YISOG regarding the situation in Kenya. Currently more than ever, we as an organisation wish to show solidarity with the children and families particularly affected and support them in meeting their basic needs.