Our partners in Kenya

We collaborate with the Kenyan organisation Young Innocent Souls of God (YISOG) in achieving our goals. YISOG is a key local partner for us, as it knows the towns, families and children, speaks the national and local languages and also has important contacts and experience. Thanks to their insight, the YISOG team knows best where support is needed most urgently.



Our local partner organisation Young Innocent Souls of God (YISOG) is run by the Kenyan priest Father Tito and consists of a committee of eight people. The state-registered organisation, with a focus on child protection, is based in Loitokitok and was founded in 2010. YISOG’s work focuses on providing disadvantaged children with education and basic care.

Verena Donislreiter and Lena Loidl met Father Tito by chance as part of their volunteer work in Kenya in 2013 and were impressed by his commitment and YISOG’s work. Ever since, the organisation has acted as Ambatana’s local partner and an important, trusted contact on the ground.

About Father Tito

Father Tito is an Orthodox priest. He is 38 years old and from the Maasai tribe. He runs the YISOG organisation, which he founded in 2010.

Father Tito and his wife Susann lovingly care for the orphans they have provisionally taken into their private home. As an important local contact, he also regularly visits disadvantaged families in the area.