It finally happened on 7 May 2014: The organisation Ambatana was officially founded!  Our Articles were discussed and signed by a total of 16 founding members.

At our following first General Meeting, Ambatana’s chair and treasurer were elected for the first two years. The results:

Chairperson: Verena Donislreiter

Deputy chairperson: Lena Loidl

Treasurer: Simone Donislreiter

Secretary: Daniela Magiera

Cash auditors: Harald Flogaus and Rudi Salfer

We would like to thank everyone who attended the meeting and wanted to be part of our organisation as members from the very start. Now our Articles only need to be approved by the district court and the tax authority and hopefully we can accept many more members soon. We look forward to the challenges ahead and long-term support for our projects in Kenya!

The Think Big youth programme ( has supported us in founding our organisation. Thank you!